Friday, March 31, 2017
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Fighters blow themselves up with grenade in Bangladesh Police come under grenade attack during a raid near the capital as violence continues to hit the South Asian nation.
Venezuela Supreme Court assumes Congress role Critics accuse President Maduro of 'staging a coup' after top court's decision to take over powers assigned to Congress.
UN: Number of Syrian refugees passes five million UN report says Turkey now hosts nearly three million Syrians, with 47,000 more coming since February alone.
Ethiopia extends state of emergency by four months Opposition parties complain that the emergency is being used to clamp down on their members and activities.

Trump Morphs from Deal-maker to Weal-faker

Ryan-Trump Yes; the old adage of “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is” finally is starting to resonate in the lustful ménage a trois that Donald Trump brought to American politics with his populism courting the unlikely duet of conservatism and deplorable-jingoism. What seemed as a bountiful and exotic relationship to the leadership in the Republican Party is now appearing to be no more than a one night stand, and not the beginning of a long term relationship; reality becoming sobriety to an ephemeral night of GOP political lust.



Moral Failure at the United Nations

Rima KhalafOn 15 March 2017 the United Nations’ Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) published a report on Israeli practices and policies toward the Palestinians. Using international law as its comparative criterion, the report came to a “definitive conclusion” that “Israel is guilty of Apartheid practices.”




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Chomsky Collapses in Interesting Times

I have written previously expressing the view that Obama’s presidency had been the result of a scam that committed the US and the world to eight years of lacklustre and often entirely contrary action by Obama in relation to the promised ‘change’ and I speculated that the voting public may...

Is Israel an Apartheid State?

Six months ago, the UN’s Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA) asked Virginia Tilley and me to write a study examining the applicability of the international criminal law concept of apartheid to Israel’s policies and practices toward the Palestinian people. We were glad to accept the assignment, and conceived of our role as engaging in an academic undertaking....

Defeating the Islamic State: A war mired in contradictions

Trump’s vow to defeat what he terms radical Islamic terrorism forces the United States to manoeuvre the Middle East and North Africa’s murky world of ever shifting alliances and labyrinth of power struggles within power struggles.

The National Riddle

What is the difference between a "corporation" and an "authority? You don't know? Join the 8.5 million Israelis who don't know either.

The Revolution in Work calls for an Evolution in Living

Poverty blights the lives of billions of people throughout the world: in developing countries, where it is acute, and industrialised nations, where it’s hidden but growing. It rises out of social injustice, makes exploitation and abuse inevitable, brings death and disease, robs people of opportunity and dignity, feeds anger and resentment.

Socialist philosopher and sociologist Dag Østerberg (1938-2017)

Østerberg was deeply attracted to the works of the influential French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. He had a profound understanding of Sartre’s philosophy of existentialism.



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The Surreal World of Foreign Interventionism

On March 21 — 9 days ago — I published an article entitled “Prepare Now for Blowback,” in which I pointed out what would seem to be obvious to any reasonable person after some 27 continuous years of U.S. interventionism in the Middle East and 16 continuous years of interventionism in Afghanistan:...

Pakistan in the hot seat as general takes command of Saudi-led alliance

The alliance, announced hastily by Saudi Arabia two years ago without prior consultations with all of its alleged members, has yet to adopt a common definition of what constitutes terrorism.

Ordeal and Disgrace

It has been assailed as the end of democracy. Vilified as a form of slavery. Denigrated, denounced and disparaged. But like a blind, three- legged dog named “Lucky,” against all odds; the Affordable Care Act has survived and remains the law of the land.

The Witchcraft of Walls

Much like some other animals, humans are wired to build separation markers, known as fences, borders, and walls. Leg-lifting dogs urinate to mark their territory. Rabbits claim their ground by depositing fecal pellets. Rodents rely on the quantitative model of urination (more pee) to “countermark” an area claimed by rival rodents. Animals mark territory mostly for defending...

March Madness

The entire nation is transfixed like a litter of kittens in front of a fishbowl of hyperactive minnows as the screwy shenanigans known as March Madness unfold. And mad is right.

Trump’s Military Budget Is Not NATO’s Fault

President Trump’s budget proposal would increase military spending $54 billion, not quite a 10 percent increase over the current level. 



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